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Safehands Security Services Adelaide

Safehands Security Services is a renowned security company in Adelaide serving for more than 10 years. Being a top security providers; we ensure your protection round the clock. Our experienced security personnel equipped with modern security equipment ensure your ultimate safety & protection while you are in Adelaide.

We have proven expertise on providing security services to corporate sector, individuals, events or patrolling. You are on the right place if you are in need of a reliable security company in Adelaide.

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We provide security services to houses in Adelaide protecting them from thieves & robbers. With street crimes on the rise, you are in need of a trusted security company in Adelaide with good repute.you are in need of a trusted security company.

Providing Security Services to Construction Industry for their on-site surveillance. Ensuring high-degree of vigilance to protect your valuables at the construction site. Making us a premier security company in Adelaide promising your safety.

We provide a full range of event security in Adelaide and the surrounding areas. May it be deploying security guards or escorting celebrities. Contact us with confidence with the top-performing security company in Adelaide for consecutive 10 years.

Operational Capacity Of Adelaid's Top Security Company

Having a formidable repute amongst the best security companies in Adelaide, we ensure optimum security measures while protecting yourself and your assets. Our operational capability is supported by our 24/7 Security Operations Service (SOS). Locally based in Adelaide, with back up Operations throughout South Australia and Northern Territory.

While Carrying out security services, Our Security Operations Service (SOS) provides operational support and coordination among all the security personnel. We aim to take foolproof security measures for achieving our threshold of excellence in delivering best security services.

To uphold our repute of being the best security company in Adelaide, we have a hierarchy of security operations which ensures smooth operations while our security personnel are on their jobs. To cut-short, we ensure the following integrated security services in Adelaide:


  • Communication with all security personnel on field– ensuring safety checks
  • Monitoring security mechanism 
  • Ensuring Discipline of our security guard at the job
  • Ensuring Backup Security Equipment & Personnel in case of emergency
  • Compliance & Quality Assurance of our security services
  • Coordinating Emergency Response
  • Site Specific Training
  • 24/7 Security Surveillance
  • Site Specific Training
  • Emergency Response Mechanism 

Our Mission

Achieving our objectives by providing seamless security services across Adelaide maintaining our trust of being a top security company.


Infrastructure and Resources Of Our Security Company in Adelaide

Safehands Security has an established South Australian and Northern Territory infrastructure of a security office, patrol depot, dedicated state management, operations and stand-by teams of security officers supported by a national consultancy register of security advisers and consultants.

  • Corporate Security Office in Adelaide and Darwin
  • Site Specific induction training to all security officers
  •  A strong team of officers and supervisors available
  •  Access to a pre-vetted sub-contractor network if needed
  • Operate a mobile patrol service with Rapid Response Vehicles
  • Provide 24 Hour support, 7 Days a week through our Security Operations Centre


Services overview

We Offer Exceptional Security Services To Ensure Your Protection While You Are in Adelaide

Safehands Security Services offers a truly integrated security solutions for your home and office security. We can provide clients with expert advice by a registered security adviser and efficiently manage their security requirements, then design and implement an effective and sustainable security solution that is tailored to their unique operating environment – delivered through either, or a combination of, manpower and electronic security solutions. All of this smooth operational hierarchy stands us apart from other security companies in Adelaide.



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Investment in our people

People are our most important asset. We continually invest in training, development, safety, support, welfare and recognition programs that result in team loyalty, reduced attrition and high service standards. Our people are:

  • Carefully selected to suit client obligations
  • Trained and developed according to their duties
  • Loyal and committed – we pay award rates to attract the best staff
  • Supervised and supported 24/7
  • Employee loyalty programs offer additional financial support
  • Guided by safer, effective and efficient operating procedures


Delivering the Best Security Solutions to Our Clients

Integrated Security Solutions For your ultimate protection

Safehands Security, being a top security company in Adelaide offers a truly integrated security solution – we have the in- house capability to provide clients with specialist advice and services that covers:

  • Design, implementation and maintenance of security systems;
  • Corporate risk consultancy, delivering expert advice and guidance on security risk, business continuity and emergency management.
  • Manpower solutions that includes static guards, mobile patrols, alarm response and specialist security roles (customer service / cash in transit / security advisers’ / emergency management)

Integrating the above capabilities, we can help clients with expert advice and structure on how to effectively and efficiently manage their security needs, then design and deliver a tailored solution – through utilising either, or a combination of, technology and manpower solutions.

Man Power

  • Static Guarding
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Alarm Response
  • Cash-In-Transit
  • Emergency Management – Advisers/Planning
  • Concierge and Customer Service
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Specialist Industry Quals

Corporate Security and Risk Advisory

  • Security Risks Assessments – Threat Assessments
  • Risk Audits & Compliance Checks
  • Close Personal Protection
  • Training & Knowledge Sharing
  • Investigations & Surveillance
  • Technical Counter Surveillance (CCTV)
  • Event Planning & Security
  • Consultancy and Operational Support
  • Public Safety Officers

Technology Solutions

  • CCTV – Access Control – Intercom – Electronic Detection – Perimeter Security – Security Consultancy
  • Design (Assessment) – Development – Installation – Maintenance – Consulting Advice
  • Accredited supplier of leading corporate, commercial and industrial platforms of Total Security Management