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Security Services

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Safehands Security

A key strength of Safehands Security are the highly dedicated staff.

For over 24 years, the success of SHS has been underpinned by superior performance and the strength of our client relationships.

Building on our core strengths of outstanding service, corporate stability and experienced, specialist staff, we have continued to grow by focusing on what we do best provocative and integrated services.

Safehands Security is a security specialist; we provide security services 24 / 7, 365 days a year, overseeing and protecting client assets and facilities, people and the broader community through our team of highly experienced security team employed, to ensure a better level of protection.

Safehands Security offers a truly integrated security solution. We can provide clients with expert advice by a registered security adviser and efficiently manage their security requirements, then design and implement an effective and sustainable security solution that is tailored to their unique operating environment – delivered through either, or a combination of, manpower and electronic security solutions.

Our Mission

Safehands Security’s mission is to exceed our clients specific and customised security needs, by delivering the highest quality of security staff based on trust and confidence.

Our Vision

Safehand Security ‘s vision is to be the most professional security leader.

Our Core Values

Our core value are partnerships, integrity and exceptional customer service.

Open with Transparentises.

Ensure our client confidence.

Every customer counts.

Demonstrating leadership is every persons’ responsibility.



Client Portfolio

As the region’s leading security provider, Safehands Security takes pride in safeguarding the wellbeing of customers and their businesses every day.

Established in 2015. Safehands Security has built itself on trust, confidence and reliability in service and systems.

We are trusted to protect and secure the property, assets, staff, clients and visitors on behalf of many of SA and Northern Territory major brands, businesses and government departments operating within a wide range of critical security and social and culturally diverse environments, including:

Safehands Security’s extensive SA footprint enables us to deliver consistent security outcomes across South Australia and Northern Territory.

Real Customer Say

Sarah Brooks
Sarah Brooks
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Safehands Security Services are impeccable. Immediate response, attention to detail, communicated consistently and at affordable rates!! An outstanding professional company The high quality delivery of their service, follow up and attention to detail is second to none. I was not only thrilled, impressed and satisfied having Safehands Security Services work for me, Most importantly; I WAS SAFE I felt confident, safe and protected. I entrusted thier services and they delivered beyond my expectations. A huge thank you to the team at Safehands Security Services You changed my life.
Kristen Watts
Kristen Watts
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Hired Safehands on my 21st as crowd controls. Excellent service provided. Highly recommend.
Ruthless Soul
Ruthless Soul
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very proffesional security company highly impressed and satisfied.
Vishal Chopra
Vishal Chopra
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Very Professional. Highly recommended.
Neil Morrison
Neil Morrison
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Safehands provide affordable, reliable service and always strive to provide people where needed even with very little notice given
Erika Lamott
Erika Lamott
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The best thing about SafeHands Security Services is that, their guards are professionals & trained and do their duty with completer responsibility. Keep it up, If I need in future definetly contact with you again.
John Willson
John Willson
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The best thing about SafeHands Security Services is that, their guards are professionals & trained and do their duty with completer responsibility. Keep it up, If I need in future definetly contact with you again.
Rob Keszler
Rob Keszler
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SafeHands provides security services to my business. Ive always found them to be very professional.
Rob Keszler
Rob Keszler
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I was looking for Security Guards for our Our Corporate Events and someone suggested about us SafeHands Security Services so we contacted and asked to provide 20 security guards and they delivered them on the location. One thing I would say about them their security guards are professionals and very well trained and quite happy with SafeHands Security Services. Thanks to the Company

Local Infrastructure and Resources South Australia and Northern Territory

Safehands Security has an established South Australian and Northern Territory infrastructure of a security office, patrol depot, dedicated state management, operations and stand-by teams of security officers supported by a national consultancy register of security advisers and consultants.

  • Corporate Security Office in Adelaide and Darwin
  • Site Specific induction training to all security officers
  •  A strong team of officers and supervisors available
  •  Access to a pre-vetted sub-contractor network if needed
  • Operate a mobile patrol service with Rapid Response Vehicles
  • Provide 24 Hour support, 7 Days a week through our Security Operations Centre

24 / 7 Security Operations Service

Our operational capability is supported by our 24/7 Security Operations Service (SOS). Locally based in Adelaide, with back up Operations throughout South Australia and Northern Territory.

Our Security Operations Service (SOS) provides operational support and coordination, including emergency back-up and support for all client sites to ensure the safety of our personnel and the security of our clients’ assets.

Our management team can ensure client’s that our specialist personnel, the SOS provides the following integrated services:

  • Communication with all field personnel – including welfare/safety checks
  • Monitoring centre coordination with our partner
  • Monitoring time and attendance
  • Dispatch of responses and ad hoc guards
  • Coordinating, incident responses, service requests and after hours’ escalation
  • Reporting & Contract Compliance
  • Site Specific Training
  • 24/7 Management Support
  • Site Specific Training
  • Emergency Management Training available
Professional Security

Investment in our people

People are our most important asset. We continually invest in training, development, safety, support, welfare and recognition programs that result in team loyalty, reduced attrition and high service standards. Our people are:

  • Carefully selected to suit client obligations
  • Trained and developed according to their duties
  • Loyal and committed – we pay award rates to attract the best staff
  • Supervised and supported 24/7
  • Employee loyalty programs offer additional financial support
  • Guided by safer, effective and efficient operating procedures

The SOS is integral to the safety and welfare of all employees and our clients’ customers, visitors and staff.

Safehands Security ensures all security staff have radio communications at events and access to emergency service numbers.

Fast 24h Response

Contact us anytime, our guards are available for immediate assignment.

Man Power
Technology Solutions
Corporate Security

Man Power

  • Static Guarding
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Alarm Response
  • Cash-In-Transit
  • Emergency Management – Advisers/Planning
  • Concierge and Customer Service
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Specialist Industry Quals

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

  • CCTV – Access Control – Intercom – Electronic Detection – Perimeter Security – Security Consultancy
  • Design (Assessment) – Development – Installation – Maintenance – Consulting Advice
  • Accredited supplier of leading corporate, commercial and industrial platforms of Total Security Management

Corporate Security

Corporate Security and Risk Advisory

  • Security Risks Assessments – Threat Assessments
  • Risk Audits & Compliance Checks
  • Close Personal Protection
  • Training & Knowledge Sharing
  • Investigations & Surveillance
  • Technical Counter Surveillance (CCTV)
  • Event Planning & Security
  • Consultancy and Operational Support
  • Public Safety Officers

Integrated Security Solutions

Safehands Security offers a truly integrated security solution – we have the in- house capability to provide clients with specialist advice and services that covers:

  • Design, implementation and maintenance of security systems;
  • Corporate risk consultancy, delivering expert advice and guidance on security risk, business continuity and emergency management.
  • Manpower solutions that includes static guards, mobile patrols, alarm response and specialist security roles (customer service / cash in transit / security advisers’ / emergency management)

Integrating the above capabilities, we can help clients with expert advice and structure on how to effectively and efficiently manage their security needs, then design and deliver a tailored solution – through utilising either, or a combination of, technology and manpower solutions.
Personal Service
Security Alarm Response Service 

Exhibitions to be organized or do you wish to take complete control of an area, which needs some security. When you wish to protect the best go for the best with Safe Hand Security Services, which provides you with the best of Security Alarm Response Service which will save you from the hustle of ill-managed security and theft/robbery. With our service, guards will rush to the place as soon as the security siren rings. The purpose of such a security is to make a quick response to any fraudulent activity or crime which may happen.

We strive to deliver you active guards on whom you can trust with your special belongings. The idea behind the security alarm is to catch the culprit red handed without showing any signs of heavy security present at the venue.

So, now you can be tension-free when you have us!!

Private Party Security in South Australia and Northern Territory.

It may be your bachelors’ party or your best friends “forever” club’s party, the era is ruled by parties for every occasion. With the enthusiasm and zeal that you posses to organize the party is commendable. However, we understand how concerned you feel when it comes to security for your private party. There are numerous issues such as fights, clashes, over drinking etc. in a party which can ruin your mood. We at SafeHandsSecurityServices (SFHSS) make sure that your party runs smooth and your planning slays. We provide you with the best of Private Party Security Services. With static and mobile security professionals, evacuation planning, alcohol check/supervision and quality services, we make sure that your party is worth your efforts.

What is so Special About our Services for Private Party Security Services?

We have the following things ready in hand for you:

  • Crowd Control Planning: When there are a lot of guests, we make sure that our guards are equally distributed and are taking care of every corner of the venue.
  • CCTV Surveillance: We make sure that along with our guards, your party is also covered under the camera.
  • Static Security: We have guards for the door services, security personals that will stand at a place to observe and help you through the ruckus.
  • Emergency Planning: If there is an emergency, our intelligent and speedy will take the most appropriate action, all thanks to their training.
  • Mobile Security Patrols: Our guards are always moving. They make sure that they have their eyes everywhere.

Your security is very important to us and hence we make sure that our manpower is well competent to be ever ready to protect you and your surrounds. We are strong from body and quick from brain, we are a perfect amalgamation to keep the party and you safe.

Private Securities

Be it promotional events entertainment parties or your family occasion, we at SafeHandsSecurityServices (SFHSS) are there to render the best of Private Securities Services for you because your complete enjoyment is what is that matters. You can leave all your worries; while our well-trained guards make sure that there is no ruckus around you. It is your choice if you want our guards to be uniformed or not but what we promise is a complete protection for and around you. Servicing you round the clock for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, our trained, certified and licensed staff are committed to delivering you with quality Private Security Services.

Why choose us?

1. Availability for You: We would never let you down when it comes to avail our services. We have a ready manpower always available for you.
2. Competitive Charges: We are not there to cause a hole in your pocket while we protect you. Our charges are according t the industry standards.

So, when you think of quality services and safety. Think about Safe Hand Security Services.

K9 Security Services In South Australia and Northern Territory.
You vouch for security 24*7*365 days, be it for your home or your office. It is very important in today’s world to keep your world safe. So, it is quite desirable to scout for best of security services. We at SafeHandsSecurityServices (SFHSS) make sure to send you out the best of custom K9 Security Services that we have specially made for you.

We Provide For:

  • Static Guards
  • Home Watch Service
  • Key Holding
  • Security Consultation
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Alarms
  • Security Fencing

We proved 360-degree service coverage for unbeatable security for you. The objective for us is not to provide for services but to make a promise to you od utmost dedicated and sincere service to you. So, if you are planning to go for a vacation and leaving your home alone, if you wish to throw a private party or you have an upcoming event, the security is on us. We make sure that we offer you the best of K9 security services.

Features of K9 Security Services

1. Total Security: Home, Office, You or the Events, you have us by your side.

2. Professional and Trained Guards: The objective for us is to provide you with the best of men in uniform, so that you have no worries when it comes to security.

3Less of Worries: We single handedly manage your all round security problems, so you have to worry less.

4. Management: Having K9 Security Services help us to keep you safe and help you manage your life a little better.

5Charges: When you use more security from us, more the services, more economical is the package. So be safe and yet manage budgets well.

Door Supervisor Services Provider In South Australia and Northern Territory.

Your image is your pride and hence the events that you organize should be beyond perfection. When it comes to security at your event, you should choose nothing less than the best. Choose SafeHandsSecurityServices (SFHSS) for an all-new level of class security and Door Supervisior Services.

With our impeccable services, customer satisfaction and testimonials, we are he leaders when it comes to providing you with the best of security for any event. Our guards are always in charge, making it possible for you to be relieved in organizing for other activities. Petrol or static they make sure their eyes are moving 360-degree. Guest list check or bag check, be it anything, they make sure that it is done with utmost sincerity.

With Door Supervisor Services we strive to make events light for you, no more uncontrolled crowd and ruckus in the event, we make sure you have a good time!!

What Makes Us the Best?

1. Best in Class Trained Personal: We are known to provide you with guards with an amazing physique and a active mind so that you safe and protected.

2. Incomparable Services with Competitive Charges: We offer you services which are beyond perfection due to the fact that we have catered to a huge variety of clients joining them for various events. Our charges for the same are competitive so that there is not a hole in your pocket while scouting for Door Supervisor Services.

3. Commitment: Our well-trained men are also quite committed to work and hence believe in reporting to you timely so that you know what is happening timely.

For us it is not about just giving out services, it is about our image and hence we strive to give out to you the best services.

Features of Door Supervisor Services

1. Really Important: It is very important to avail Door Supervisior Services for a successful and hustle free event that you may be planning.

2. Other Work: It is quite understandable that you have other work, so your quests entry to their exit, everything is well managed by our staff.

3. Quality Event: Having good security can lead to better reputation for your event.

4. Less Hustle: An event demands to be hustle free and that is Door Supervisor Services does for you.

5. As Planned: Your event goes as planned as are guards are there to make up maximum of the responsibilities from you.

Corporate Security Guard Services In South Australia and Northern Territory.

Corporates are a functional entity that needs security that is up to the mark. This may have two reasons. The first reason is that the security of the electronics and the people working there is of utmost importance. The robberies are so frequent in today’s world that you need a perfect surveillance solution for your office. The second reason for such availing Corporate Security Guard Services is that your security and the importance you give to it, defines your image and stature in the market, which we know you want to keep high-class. So, avail the best of Security Services with us at Safe Hand Security Services, protecting you against everything.

We know you may have several questions about what makes us the best choice for you but we only say that we at we are not just service providers, we are defined by the promise that we make to you. So get the best services with our dedicated staff and be worry free always.

Corporate Security Guard Services

Corporate are always worried about as to how their offices are in their absence. As the crime rates are increasing at exponential rates, it is quite expected that people worry about their families and valuable possessions. This is where Safe Hand Security Services comes in the picture. Our aim is to deliver to you World Class Corporate Security Guard Services so that you can be worry-free about the security of your place of love, your home!!

Why Choose Us?

1. A Trust: We serve you with commitments and nothing less. We make sure that you get the best of our services with quality and responsibility as an essence.

2. Training: Our manpower is quite well trained so that we maintain the trust you have on us to safeguard your home.

Scouting for Corporate Security Guard Services?

Visit the best, for the best.

Corporate Security Guard Services

Imagine going to office and seeing your house in a complete ruckus, signs of things missing and then you enter your cabin…..we know you don’t want to imagine such a situation and hence protection of your house is your main focus. We understand all this and therefore get you the best Corporate Security Guard Services so that there is no worry in your life.

Why Corporate Security Guard Services Offered by Us?

1. You can travel without any worry, the guards are always active for you.

2. Our guards are well trained and hence a perfect choice when it comes to find someone as an amalgamation of good physique and brain.

3. We are very strict when it comes to verification of the manpower that we have so that you are assured that the one protecting you is safe and verified by us.

We are proud of our testimonials and customer satisfaction, so think safety and think about us.

Security Gate Corporate Services

A bell which rings at 3 am and your heart pounds but then you do not worry any further when you know that you have the best Security Gate Corporate Services from a brand you trust, Safe Hand Security Services. We get you a well-trained manpower to keep your house secure; we make sure that you do not have sleepless nights anymore. Our guards are always active, have a good control over the guns to protect your home. They make sure that you leave home with absolutely no worries.

Why Choose Us?

1. Strong guards for impeccable home security.

2. Competitive Charges for unparalleled services.

3. Services and Manpower, just a call away because we don’t want you to wait.

We are proud of the testimonials that we have build, we assure you the best of Security Gate Corporate Services because we are not just a name but also a promise to keep your office safe.

Mobile Patrol Services In South Australia and Northern Territory.

You live in a huge society and completely adore your surrounds but also think about the security of such huge areas. Well, that is something not at all new. It is quite legit to think about the security of the areas, which are large, and you may wish to secure your home, family or office. In such cases it is best to opt for Mobile Patrol Services, which cover a large area with a promise to keep, you secure. The whole idea about our service is to keep an eye on every corner of a complex or a residential area. This is all to keep your safety at the paramount of anything.

So, if you wish to be secure, go for these services. The guards are well trained and gunned officers who have good experience in serving for your security concerns quite well.

Event Security Guards Services In South Australia and Northern Territory.
Events such as seminars, conferences and hat not are a part of the fast paced world today and it is very important that these events give an enriching experience to the visitors. But at times to build the trust of the attendees and make sure that everything goes as per the plan, it is very important to go for Event Security Guards Services so that there is no minute ruckus in the event. There are a lot of responsibilities for conducting an event and the safety of your quests is your prime focus, so make sure you get on board the best services for a successful event.
Why Choose Event Security Guards Services from Safehands Security Services (SFHSS)?

1. Reliable: Being in the security services from a while, we swear by the customer satisfaction we are able to produce for the best of services that we provide.

2. Training: With a strive to deliver you the best, we train our guards with the latest technologies, so that you do not feel compromising on the event safety while getting us onboard.

3. Quality Services: We vouch to provide you with quality services with custom-made solutions for you. The solutions are planned according to the event you have. With the area to be covered and the number of people expected to come, we make sure that we service you with only the best.

4. Technology+ Manpower: Our Event Security Guards Services are well formed and our guards are provided with the latest guns and technologies to help you out to run a smooth event.

Features of Even Security Guards Services
  1. We provide you with All Round Protection with CCTV cameras, trained guards (mobile or static) and best of technologies. We make sure that you get an all round security for your event.
  2. We even manage the guest last so that you can be in the event, honoring it more.
  3. We make sure that the event is covered from all dimensions so that there is no scope for
  4. mistake. Every corner is safe.
  5. Our Event Security Guards Services help you scout for better crowd control system so that there is disturbance in the event.
  6. With such services, you can be very sure about the safety of your guests. By getting quality services on board, you build a trust relation with the target audience.

So think of an event and then think of us to make it more secure!!

Retail Loss Prevention Services In South Australia and Northern Territory.

Your business is your asset and its protection and safety are your prime focus. The news are always filed with burglary and thefts that occur in the retail stores and we understand how you wish to get a perfect solution to the theft and the continuous shop lifts that may happen. So, we at SafeHandsSecurityServices (SFHSS) make sure to present to you custom Retail Loss Prevention Services for the protection of your shop making you satisfied about its safety even if you are away from it.

Why Choose Us?

At Safe Hand Security Services, we make sure that our solutions are strictly according to your requirements. Guards (mobile or static), CCTV surveillance devices and many other devices to help you take care of your store. We are a sure shot solution to all your Retail Loss Prevention Service requirements.

So think loss protection, think about us!!

Features of Retail Loss Services

1. Safe and a Necessary: Your shop or store is your bread and butter and to protect it, it is crucial to take a few steps. Retail Loss Prevention Services, you are assured that your workplace is safe.

2. 24*7*365 Surveillance: It is very important to keep your eyes open every time but sadly that is not possible. But with Retail Loss Prevention Services, you can be assured that there is someone who is taking a 360-degree care of your shop.

3. Reliable: Well-trained guards and good devices are what you need to protect, what took you years to build.

4. Prevention: It is said that prevention is better than cure. Once there is installation of heavy duty security in your office/ workplace, the chances of theft and shop lifting reduce heavily.

5. An Extra Proof: There are times when things need to be shown before allegations are raised. A proper loss prevention system helps you to have a proof of the unadulterated activities happening behind your back.

Hire Professional Crowd Control Services In South Australia and Northern Territory.
Celebrations, loud music and a night with friends and family? But sometimes your awesome parties turn out to be a nightmare, all thanks to the unmanageable crowd and the fights that may occur in the parties. For this issue, the SafeHandsSecurityServices (SFHSS) gives you an option to Hire Crowd Control Services for your next event. Our purpose is to help you out by taking a complete control of your surroundings, simply so that you can enjoy the moments you wish to cherish.

Our guards are an epitome of amazing health and quick decision making skills, who make your parties better by taking control. Their training and experience make them your next best hire for successful events by you.

Planning a big event? May be a food festival, a fest, a carnival, a sports event? What ever it may, we at Safe Hand Security Services are here to take charge of the Crowd with our best of Crowd Control Services wherein we strive to make your events successful with no fuss involved. There are instances of fights and clashes, which may take an ugly turn. This is where our guards roll so that a smooth event flows well. With the body of a hulk and brain of a detective, they detect any nuisance going on and erect it before it is even noticed. These personals are well trained to take quick actions in case of an emergency. With presence of mind and the best of system( walky-talkies, mica, guns) they make sure that you don’t have to worry about the crowd. Our services speak for themselves and we pride in our testimonials. So, the next time think of Crowd Control Services, think of  SafeHandsSecurityServices (SFHSS).

What makes Safehands Security Services (SFHSS) More Special?

At Safe Hand Security Services, we promise you quality and effective services. Our aim is not to build up a business but a relation with you. You as our client are of the greatest worth to us and hence we hope to keep you safe with our services.

Night Club Crowd Controls

Night parties are so good and happy. The youth is in full swing, dance and music are perfect appetizers. The party is a rock show until there is a fight between two people. Yes, this possibility is there in the maximum number of night parties wherein there are fights and things can turn really bad if not controlled over time. So, it s very important to go for Night Club Crowd Controls for organising successful night parties.

Why should you choose Night Club Crowd Controls from Safehands Security Services?

Because being in this profession since a long time, we have a list of officers and guards to make your parties good without any tantrums being thrown. Our manpower strives to be physically fit and mentally present, so that you night event in the club is good and attract better and more crowd for the next time. When people feel secure about your club, trust us your reputation will be a notch higher.

Construction Security Guard Services in South Australia and Northern Territory.
Vandalize and burglary are common threads to homes and construction sites because of the chances of escape that the thief may have. For keeping the security of such properties tight, one needs professional and well-trained guards. If you wish to take Construction Security Guards Services, you are absolutely at the right place.
What Makes Us Different?
Our custom made solutions, which are altered with every client, are our major USP. Our packages appear as per your requirements, which is strictly according to the site, location and bandwidth of the construction site staff.
Other than Custom Packages We Also Provide You With the Following:
  • An immediate action on unauthorized visits by various known unknown entities.
  • Daily activity reports, which will help you to know about the movements in and out of the property.
  • We use advance technology when it comes to security. Wireless watches, good torches, alarm system etc. so that there is o glitch in catching the culprit.
  • You can at anytime talk to our management staff which is always there to assist you with answers to your suggestions, queries and complains.

So, when you think about Construction Security Guards Services, think about SafeHandSecurityServices (SFHSS).With a huge client base and amazing testimonials, we at Safe Hand Security Services have a major contribution when it comes to Construction Security Guards Services. With comprehensive security programs we make sure that what you get from us is a tension free life. We stand by our commitment to provide you with a well-trained staff, which has a quick action sense to sense anything which does not seems right. We make sure that while your main focus is the development of the site, our’s is to provide the best of Construction Security Guards Services so that there is no bulgur.

Trust Us, Connect With Us.

Features of Security Services:
  • 100 Percent Preparedness: We make sure that we have a well maintained and upto date list of security personals and professionals which can be taken on board, specifically for your project.
  • If at any point of time you are not satisfied with the services of a guard, we will replace the guard within minimum time, that is what makes us the best Construction Security Guards Services provider.
  • We ensure that the warning as well as notice issues do not show up in areas where they are not supposed to be put across.
  • Our officers cover your whole construction site by patrolling at regular time intervals so that no activity goes unnoticed in the premises.
  • We try and curb the issues of unauthorized visits.
  • A well-managed logging system is deployed for a better understanding of the in-coming and out-going movements.
  • Full concentration and commitment from the staff for offering the best of Construction Security Guards Services.

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Our aim is to protect your business!

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