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Safehands Security Services

For over a decade, Safehands Security Services has been Adelaide’s premier security company  with backup operations throughout South Australia and Northern Territory. Our highly skilled  security personnel ensure your ultimate safety & protection round the clock.


Feeling Vulnerable and Yearning for Safety In Adelaide? Get Ironclad Protection With Adelaide's Top Security Company

Whether you’re a corporate entity seeking fortified security in Adelaide, an individual yearning for personal safety, or an event organizer in need of flawless security arrangements, Safehands Security Services is your ultimate destination.

Residential Security

With the rising number of residential hooliganism, larceny, infuriating burglaries…

Construction Security

Vandalize and burglary are common threads to homes and construction sites…

Event Security

We provide a full range of event security in Adelaide and the surrounding areas…

Operational Capacity of Adelaide's Top Security Company

Imagine being able to sleep soundly knowing you, your property and business is protected  because you've taken steps to deter danger.

Backed by our state-of-the-art over Security Operations Services (SOS), Safehands Security Services guarantees every angle of your safety is covered. Our company  provides operational support and coordination among all the security personnel. We aim to take foolproof security measures for achieving our threshold of excellence in delivering best security services by assuring;

Our Mission

Our mission is not just about alarms and cameras; Our mission is to build a comprehensive security shield to protect your well being here in Adelaide.

Infrastructure and Resources Of Our Top Security Company in Adelaide

Safehands Security has an established South Australian and Northern Territory infrastructure of a security office, patrol depot, dedicated state management, operations and stand-by teams of security officers supported by a national consultancy register of security advisers and consultants. We'll work with you to understand your unique needs and create a security plan that empowers you to feel secure in Adelaide. We have:

Services overview

We Offer Exceptional Security Services To Ensure Your Protection While You Are in Adelaide

Safehands Security Services(SHSS) offers a culmination of Manpower, technology and consultancy to provide outstanding safeguards for you and your business. We provide expert advice by registered security advisors to efficiently manage, design and implement security solutions. With this extensive expertise, our corporate security services domain range from busy retail shops and banks to jewelry stores and government organizations..


Safehands security services is dedicated to rendering the absolute incomparable security...
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Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols remain one of the most cost effective method of maintaining a physical presence..
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Party Security

We offer dependable, protected and friendly surroundings for you and your guests...
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Door Supervisor

Safehands security services is dedicated to rendering the absolute incomparable security...
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K9 Unit

As a professional service, we can guarantee the highest standard of practise...
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Crowd Controlling

At Safehands security services, we pride ourselves on professionalism...
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Nurturing Talent - Our People, Our Strength

Our rigorous hiring process  ensures that our guards carry a clean background as  people are our most important asset. We take pride and confidence in our team that's why we continually invest in training, development, safety, support, welfare and recognition programs that result in team loyalty, reduced attrition and high service standards. At Safehands Security Services our people are:

Delivering the Best Security Solutions to Our Clients
Integrated Solutions Tailored According To Your Needs:

When you think of your security in Adelaide, look no further than the top Security Company in Adelaide the Safehands Security Services. From designing and maintaining cutting-edge security systems to offering corporate risk consultancy and manpower solutions, we're your one-stop destination for all security.

Safehands Security, being a the leading  security company in Adelaide offers a truly integrated security solution –  having the in- house capability to provide clients with specialist advice and services that cover:

  • Design, implementation and maintenance of security systems.
  • Corporate risk consultancy, delivering expert advice and guidance on security risk, business continuity and emergency management.
  • Manpower solutions including static guards, mobile patrols, alarm response, and specialist security roles (customer service, cash-in-transit, security advisers, emergency management)

Integrating the above capabilities, we can help clients with expert advice and structure on how to effectively and efficiently manage their security needs, then design and deliver a tailored solution – through utilizing either, or a combination of, technology and manpower solutions.





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SafeHands Security, a prominent player in the security industry, offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clientele. With a focus on professionalism, reliability, and innovation, SafeHand has established itself as a trusted partner in safeguarding businesses, properties, and individuals.

Arslan Shabbir June 2, 2024

Safehands offers a multitude of different security service options - small or large jobs provided by friendly, efficient staff. Stephanie Plympton SA

Steph Lewis May 22, 2024

Very polite completely professional highly recommend for any event. Extremely effective managing large crowds

Mark Lemon May 22, 2024

Highly responsive, knowledgeable and organised team. The security personnel are punctual, well-trained and maintain a visible yet unobtrusive presence throughout the event. Their ability to handle potential issues discreetly and efficiently give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your guests and the event itself. Their proactive communication and the way they tailored their services to your specific needs is highly appreciated.

Waqar Shahid May 21, 2024

Best security company highly professional.


These guys get things done!

Kym Rowett May 20, 2024