Safehands Security Services provides professional, disciplined, accredited security guards. We supply security officers for all sort of retail stores, construction sites, night Clubs, bar, pubs, storage warehouses, building sites, trains, hospitals, hotels, business security and many more.

  • Crowd Controlling
  • Loss Prevention
  • Event Security
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Residential security
  • Door supervisor
  • K9
  • Party security

Loss Prevention

With increasing challenges to the retail trade attempting to stop or drastically reduce stealing in their stores, or in some cases robbery, armed or otherwise, the requirement for stringent and improved security throughout retails stores and its customers is rising, whilst stores are confronting demanding challenges of continuing to preserve their inventory secure whilst rendering their customers with a pleasurable, shopping surroundings and experience. Our retail security guards are competent and capable to assist in minimising merchandise loss in addition to giving your customers extra confidence and assistance when required, while shopping at your store. We offer security for every single aspect of the retail business from emphasising reducing loss thought pilfering. We have an all embracing experience in setting up sales outlets security. Our security guards are experienced in recognising possible theft threats at the same time ensuring that honest purchasers feel secure. Our retail security measures cover complete areas, including off-limits employee only areas. With a visible security guard on duty shoppers will feel secure and theft will be diminished drastically. Potentially making our protective cover; self-funding and increase profit margins Our senior supervisors on a regular basis visit the location where our staffs are designated; to analyse that company criteria and strategies are being applied; and achieve our contractual commitment to our clients. These checks are conducted unannounced at the client’s venues. Thereby letting us develop and improve our systems and enhance our quality assurance.
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Mobile Patrols & Alarm Responces

Mobile patrols remain one of the most cost-effective methods of maintaining a physical presence and overt security deterrence at your premises when full-time security is cost inhibitive or not practical . Our state of the art mobile patrol vehicles are equipped with integrated GPS vehicle tracking, smart wands, mobile communications and tablet technology giving our staff the tools to communicate quickly and efficiently. These tools are used to ensure a fully transparent service is delivered each and every day. Our mobile patrol staff are not only armed with the best technology and support but are also issued with OH&S compliant equipment including: first aid response kits, rechargeable torches, high visibility vests, traffic control equipment, back-to-base radios , storage boxes, drop cards, digital cameras and fuel cards. Our mobile patrol services can include: Opening and closing your property or facility Full internal inspections of all buildings and/or rooms External inspections including fence-lines and entry/exit points Staff welfare checks & staff escorts Machinery inspections Installation of highly visible warning signage placed around site for deterrence Rapid Reports on any damage or graffiti Rapid Reports on any suspicious or unusual activity and incidents MC Security provides effective alarm & security response services with the capability to respond to any type of situation that may occur. Our Response Services include; Intruder alarms Personnel distress alarms Fire & smoke alarms Arming of security systems Medical alarms General Staff and Key Holder Escorts Equipment and machinery alarms Noise Complaints Let In’s
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Party Security

We offer dependable, protected and friendly surroundings for you and your guests by employing only skilled, level headed, professional security guards. We specialise in providing security for individual parties, and corporate events throughout London and greater London regions. Safehands Security Services is a security company that differs. Our aim is to defuse possible confrontations; not to create them. A lot of security firms choose to keep an immense visible presence, where guards employ domineering and high – handed methods. One Staff Solutions security guards are even-tempered and polite; their aim is to talk people out of possible confrontations before physical force is needed. Arranging parties is time consuming and naturally can be costly; you will therefore wish it to be a success. We are able to provide an unbeatable party security plan to ensure this will happen and ensure your party is as enjoyable as your guests expect. Putting our extensive expertise and providing experienced professional security guards we are confident that by implementing the following as part of our strategy, your party will be the success you desire. Security at entrances and exits Roving security patrols Crowd management Planning procedures in case of emergencies Coordinating with Emergency Services Seeing to it that we have all your needs addressed we will plan our services to your every predictable requirements and even coordinate your party’s security measures with the police force. Making known to the authorities of your event beforehand and calling them in the case of an emergency we will see to it that minimal disturbance is caused to your event. Following weeks of planning, enjoying your party ought to be at the top of your list, this is why we make certain that the safety of everyone is at the top of our list. In most cases you will would like to maintain your individual party precisely that; we shall contain any disruptions and see to it that no unwelcome persons try to ‘gate-crash’ your festivities, and quietly remove them from your venue. So if you want assurance that your event is how planned it to be; contact One Staff Solutions without delay and see just how little your piece of mind will cost. Professional, intelligent security is essential for you and your guests
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