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Mobile Security Patrols Services in Adelaide | South Australia and Northern Territory

Mobile security patrols are usually designed to provide a visible and proactive security presence in and around the premises of a business or residential property. SFHSS offer mobile security patrol service in Adelaide offering trained and licensed security guard patrolling the designated area as the cameras are installed so the security team properly investigates each and everything properly.

Services of Mobile Patrols Security
Real-Time Incident Reporting

Delivering practical insights to maintain the operations of your firm You can react to incidents right away thanks to real-time incident reporting. Our cutting-edge technology gives our customers vital information when they need it.

Vehicle and Guard Tracking

Providing full transparency and accountability for our services: Each of our patrol cars is equipped with GPS tracking. Our patrols carry PDAs, allowing us to dispatch security patrols and monitor mobile patrols in real time on your sites.

National Coverage

Ability to provide services throughout Australia. Our footprint across the country gives us the ability to service sites all throughout Australia. In all significant cities, we offer mobile patrol services.

Alarm Response

Our technology ensures the timeliest response Our patrol dispatch system is integrated with our SOC which automatically locates and directs the nearest patrol vehicles to your site, ensuring a time-sensitive and effective response.

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The Mobile Security Patrols Service Offers Several Benefits
Quick Response

The Mobile Patrols Adelaide service provides a fast response to any security incidents with the security guards on site and ready to act. Because we value people, we make investments in essential technologies. In order to deliver a seamless experience, we work hard. We also bring an adding a personal touch to a formal approach. We protect people.

Cost Effective

Mobile security patrols are a cost-effective alternative to stationary security guards. If a place just has to be checked on occasion, mobile patrols may be less expensive than retaining a dedicated security guard for that spot.


SFHSS can provide security service to the specific needs of the clients, including the frequency of patrols the areas covered, and the tasks perfumed by the guards

Peace of Mind

The mobile security patrol service provides peace of mind for business and residential property holders knowing that their business is monitored and under the guidance.

Prioritizing Safety and Risk Management

At SFHSS, we always prioritize safety. With a commitment, Every site receives a Security Risk Assessment from our OH&S and risk team, which includes information on security-specific threats, existing controls, and any suggestions