Security Guard Services In Adelaide

Providing the Most Dependable Security Guards in Adelaide

The need for hiring a security guard in Adelaide is on the rise with increased Violence, robberies & theft cases to protect yourself and your valuable assets. Our trained security guards are your reliable security personnel ensuring your protection and safety. They have undergone tough trainings and difficult mock-up exercises on different risky situations. To get the heightened level of security & enhanced protection, you need to hire well-trained Security Guards. We ensure excellence in Safeguarding your Expensive Equipment, sensitive information & High Sum of Money.

At Safehand Security Services we have a pool of trained security guards who have undergone tough trainings to enhance their ability to fight violence and crime. So far, we have more than 100 security guards deployed in Adelaide in different Clubs, Retail stores, Banks & Jewelry shops to name a few.

Regardless of your personal or corporate security needs, our security guard services are comprehensively designed to meet all your security needs in Adelaide. Our licensed security guards have crafted robust ability in their skills to safeguard your fortune. Your security is our prime responsibility and therefore we ensure to provide the best security personnel at your premises.

Combating Security Threats & Promising ultimate protection

The ultimate objective of availing security guard services in Adelaide is your personal protection along-with safeguarding your valuables. The fact makes it the most sensitive decision to hire security guards; therefore a thorough inspection is required at your end to scrutinize the ability of the guard, its background, his capabilities and his repute; or repute of the security company he is representing.

Let’s consult for the type of security guards you may require

We have a diverse range of Security guards in Adelaide with different capabilities suitable for combating certain incidents. To give you an insight on the type of security guard you may require, here are the details:

  1. Personal Security Guards
  2. Static Security Guards
  3. Patrol security guards
  4. Adhoc Guards
  5. Unarmed security guards
  6. Security Guards for your Business
  7. Security Guards for events
  8. Concierge

The domain of each security guard is specific to the job nature which is provided in security guard training. Now it’s convenient for you to choose a security guard which best meets your objective & requirements.

When you need a Ad-hock guards

Patrol guards are required when you need a surveillance and security of a specific area. Patrol guards,, as the name suggests, move around his designated area on vehicle or by foot to ensure no unwanted incident takes places. Patrol guards will perform following duties:

  1. Monitor suspicious activities
  2. Deter criminal actions
  3. Taking appropriate actions in case of emergency situations
  4. Protecting unauthorized access to the premises
  5. Reporting senior security officials

The domain of a personal security guard

Personal security guard is also called bodyguard in a more simple words. If you are an executive or a high-profile individual, you are in need of a personal security guard in Adelaide. The role of a personal security guard is monitoring suspicious activities around you, giving you protection, combating security threats and ensuring your safety. Adelaide’s security guards have emerged as the most vigilant security officials performing their security duties with commitment.

Hire Static Guards For Asset Protection

As the name suggests, static security guards are hired for asset protection and are usually stationed at their assigned place to prevent unauthorized access to premises, report and detect the security breaches at the area, prompt emergency responses and timely coordination with security officials in case of emergency.

Normally, you can hire security guards at bar clubs, restaurants, offices, shopping malls or banks to name a few.

When do you need an Adhoc Security Guard in Adelaide?

To get the heightened level of security & enhanced protection, you need to hire well-trained Security Guards. We ensure excellence in Safeguarding your Expensive Equipment, sensitive information & High Sum of Money.

Here is how you can hire a security guard in Adelaide

Hiring a security guard in Adelaide seems an hassle-free task but the sensitivity of safeguarding your valuables requires you to contact a reputed security company in Adelaide. Here is how you can deploy a security guard at your premises:

  1. Call Our Toll-Free Number
  2. Schedule a meeting with our Security Official
  3. Share your objective
  4. Have your security guard deployed next day

Essential Security Equipment for Security Guards for your protection

To ensure the efficiency of performing security duties, we equip our security guards with essential security equipment.

  • Communication Devices: they use mobile phones or radios for constant communication with other security professionals
  • Flashlight: For patrolling at night
  • Body Armor: for protection against physical attacks
  • Surveillance Equipment: CCTV Cameras, Binoculars & other monitoring devices for recording activities during security
  • Personal Protection Equipment: To ensure personal security they keep masks and gloves with themselves
  • Baton: For self-defense, this non-lethal item is mandatory

Why Choosing Our Security Guards in Adelaide Be Your First Choice?

Being the most renowned security guard providers in Adelaide for consecutive 9 years, we are by far the best choice for deploying a security guard at your premises.

The reasons are here:

  1. Proven Competence of well-trained security guard
  2. Our guards are physically & mentally strong and well-trained to ensure your protection & surveillance.
  3. Our strict hiring process ensures that our security guards carry clean background.

Hire The Most Vigilant Corporate Security Guards in Adelaide

Safehand security services has a proven capacity and competency to provide security guards to corporate sector in Adelaide. The domain of our corporate security services range from busy retail shops, jewelry stores, banks, clubs and branded outlets to cut short. With this much exposure of providing security guard services, we have sharpen our skills to ensure comprehensive security solutions round the clock. With ultimate sense of protection, you can enjoy the peace of mind to better focus on your business growth rather than worrying about security concerns.

Concierge Services

Our concierge services mainly focus on providing assistance and guidance related to booking hotel accommodation, managing events, event assisting & providing first aid services whenever required.

Concierge will also assist you in managing and guiding large crowds in the events. At Safehand Security Services, we have a training program for our security guards which enables them to perform concierge duties whenever the need arise.

Control Room Monitoring Officers

To monitor site security systems through control rooms, our security officers take responsibility of alarm panel testing, monitoring system operations, security camera surveillance & accuracy of communication systems.

Access Control Personnel

Our trained access control personnel ensure foolproof security and integrity of access points of the premises restricted unauthorized entry. The domain of Access Control Personnel includes registering visitors, producing Photo Identification Cards & conducting identification checks.

Emergency Response Team

Our licensed protection offers are vigilantly available to the emergency situations to perform different roles ranging from Chief, Fire Wardens or deputy. At Safehand Security Services, we have a scheduled program for periodic drills and strict training sharpening their ability for your protection.

Protection of Loading Docks

Security and protection of loading docks in commercial and industrial buildings is ensured by managing building access points, coordinating traffic on loading bay and handling contractor’s access. Our security guards for loading docks have a specific training to enhance their skills and efficiency.

Security Screening Personnel

Our dedicated Security Screening Personnel are experts in aviation screening, event screening, screening of infrastructure sties and maritime screening to mention few. We have the most diverse pool of highly trained security guards in Adelaide for specific protection duties.

Parking Security Services

To meet the needs of businesses and commercial building parking problems, we have a proven parking security mechanism and foolproof car-park security plans.

Our parking areas are most vulnerable to damage and attacks because of low-lighting and isolated blind places in the parking area. We have shown excellence in providing parking security services in Adelaide for more than 7 years.