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Industry Security Officer Training

The competency of our security staff is critical to ensuring that Safehands Security meets the performance and service requirements of our clients. By appointing and training a security team competent in maintaining service adherence and ensuring site security integrity, Safehands Security will create a work environment that is able to meet the operational and performance demands of our clients.


Safehands Security prepares client and site-specific training and induction programs as part of our contract transition plan. Training programs are established in collaboration with our clients, and cover the following areas as a minimum:

  • Customer Service, operational culture – Safehands Security can offer additional training in customer service through its relationship with a number of RTO’s and Short-Paced courses.
  • Officers can apply to become CPO’s
  • Site Security – SOPs, actions, response procedures, reporting,
  • service standards
  • Compulsory first-aid training
  • Corporate and security policies – health and safety, environmental management, quality, code of conduct, including ethics
  • Incident management, emergency management training and requirements conducted online.
  • Risk management and site-specific issues
  • Cultural awareness, disability awareness and diversity training

Online and Certified Protection Officers Training (CPO)

Safehands Security has joined with a number of training providers to offer our staff the opportunity to complete security related courses. The CPO program is internally recognised by major organisations as an advanced training course for security officers.

We retain training records of participants and also sets reminders for completion of training modules to assist with refresher programs.

Courses can be tailored to employees at all levels and depending on training requirements can be delivered completely online, or in combination with a face to face delivery method.